Mother-in-Law – Daughter-in-Law


Dear Rabbi, I just read in a Jewish article that I was reading that the Gemara says that a mother-in-law has a natural dislike for her daughter-in-law. It was saying that mother in laws and daughter in laws have a natural tendency to hate each other. I once heard somewhere else I don’t even remember where that it is a halacha that mother in laws and daughter in laws don’t like each other. I find it interesting that it says such things in holy Jewish books because I love my mother in law and my mother in law loves me. My mother in law is such a good woman that I can’t even find one fault in her because she has such a good and kind heart and I know for a fact that my mother in law really likes me and views me as a daughter. So what did the Rabbis in the Gemara mean when they wrote that?

2 years


  1. Firstly, I am truly happy and inspired by the fact that you love your mother-in-law and your mother-in-law loves you! May you always be blessed that to have such a beautiful relationship together.

    Personally, I think that some of stems from the idea that each one might end up regarding the other as being a rival for their son's/husband's love and attention. The good news is that the Sages are teaching us that this is not an imperative. Rather, the Talmud is describing a tendency, but one that can easily become a reality if the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not careful.

    Best wishes from the Team