Moshe a “God” to Pharaoh?


Exodus 1:7 says, “And YHVH said unto Moshe, see, I have made thee a “god” to Pharoah: and Aharon thy brother shall be thy prophet.”

Aleph~Lamed~Hei~ Yud~Mem spells elohim, meaning ” god, ” divine ones, ruler, special works or possessions of G-d, mighty.

This is Moshe’s description in relation to Pharaoh.

Would this title have entitled Moshe to be “endowed” with favor, wisdom, and divine power from the Most High?

Moshe was said to speak mouth to mouth with YHVH, and beheld His similitude. Numbers 12:8

What was Moshe’s secret to obtain this extraordinary closeness ? Yah doesn’t respect persons or titles, so we’re all on an equal playing field, or are we?

I desire with my whole heart this level of love. Are wiling obedience and Torah study key principles? Shalom Yishrah



  1. When G-d’s name Elokim is used in the Torah, it illustrates the concept that G-d is the “one through whom all the plurality, (by everything being related to him), becomes a unity.” Simply said, since G-d is the creator of everything in the universe, everything in the universe is unified through G-d. Thus, the word Elokim as a name of G-d in the Torah expresses that all the individual things in the world, which seem separate and autonomous, are all unified through the Source – G-d – Who is The Ruler of everything. By extension, the Torah also uses the word elohim to refer to human rulers, law-givers, and judges of the people, who each rule in their worldly domain.

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