Moses and Family in Egypt?


Moses lived with his wife Tzipporah and 2 sons in Midian for many years.

Exodus 4:20 Moses took his family (wife and 2 sons) to Egypt.
Did his wife and sons actually reach Egypt?
Or did they return to Midian before they reached Egypt?

Exodus 18:2-6 Moses’ family (father-in-law Jethro, wife, and 2 sons) reunited with Moses.
Did this reunion occur after the Exodus from Egypt?
In what location was the reunion?
Does that mean the family was not in Egypt with Moses?

Exodus 18:27 Jethro returns to his home in Midian.
Did Moses’ wife and children stay with Moses for many years until he died?



  1. The Midrashic texts called Midrash HaGadol relate that when Aharon went to meet Moshe and his family as they were on there way to Egypt, he was taken aback at the idea that Moshe was bringing his wife and children to the travails of Egypt. He was so upset that he convinced him to send them back to Midian in the interim.

    When Yitro left the Jewish People in the desert to return to Midian, he left alone. Tzipora and her two children stayed with the Jewish People.

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