Mordechai: Meaning of the Name


Mem~Resh~Dalet~Kaf~Yud spells Mordekai, meaning “little man” or “worshiper of Mars”

He was the cousin and adoptive father of queen Esther; the son of Yair of the tribe of Binyamin.

Mem~Resh~Dalet~Kaf spells Mrodak, meaning “thy rebellion.” The letters spelling Mrodak, “thy rebellion,” are in Mordekai .

Is there a connection ?

In these words are Resh~Dalet~Mem, which spells radam, a verb meaning “to be asleep.”

Mem~Resh~Dalet spells marad, a verb) meaning “to rebel against G-d, against light”

Dalet~Resh~Kaf spells derek, which means way, road, habit, course of life, manner or character.

Was Mordekai a man of smaller stature, as his name suggests?

Surely, Mordekai wasn’t a worshiper of the heathen deity Mars!

1 Samuel 25:25 says, “As his name is, so is he.” Do the holy letters conceal yet reveal the character or nature of a person, place or thing? I find there is always a direct correlation of some kind.

What’s your view on this?



  1. I am not sure how you have reached the conclusion that Mordechai means “little man.” In any event, Mordechai was one of the greatest men in his generation. He was a prophet and he was a member of the Sanhedrin.

    Best wishes from the Team

  2. Thanks for your immediate response. My source for the meaning of Mordechai’s name is It is a lexicon for Hebrew 3 letter root words. Are the other words Resh~Dalet~Mem spells radam verb sleeper Dalet~Resh~Kaf spells derek means course of life Mem~Resh~Dalet~Kaf spells Mrodak “thy rebellion” Is there any correlation with Mordechai these words. Don’t the letters of light enlighten within the words? These questions weren’t addressed. It’s all so astonishing! Thanks

  3. Three letter roots need to in the same order for them to have significance. Otherwise it is possible to make hundreds of connections as the site you are looking up seem to have done.

    Best wishes from the Team