i am becoming religious now, i am in middle of the process, i was sorta wondering, i see a few movements, i see the litfish, i see the chasidim, i see chabad, but the only thing is, chabad looks appealing cause of their warmth, but i keep on hearing that they have this extremism in messiah and its against jewish law their beleifs, is it right to go to such a movement, or better just go somewhere else?

15 years


  1. Chassidut, or Hassidism, was established by the Baal Shem Tov (lit. “Owner of a Good Name or Reputation) in the early seventeen hundreds. It’s main tenet was that one did not have to be an accomplished Torah scholar to be considered a true “servant of G-d”. The concept caught on and became very popular amongst the semi-illiterate Jews of Eastern Europe. As the movement grew the Baal Shem Tov sent out his closest disciples to set up communities throughout Eastern Europe. In that way each Rabbi became the leader of Chassidim in a particular city or town and, as a rule, the Chassidim called themselves after the place that they came from. That is why today one can find communities that are named after the cities or towns that they originally came from such as Lubavitch. Lubavitch is known by the name Chabad as it is an acronym of three Hebrew words, Chochma, Bina and Daat (three different dimensions of wisdom).

    At the time that the late Rebbe became weak there grew up a movement inside of Chabad that was quite small but vocal who insisted that the Rebbe was the Mashiach. I have no intention of judging others. According to an accepted view, the Messianic Era will span one thousand years. The Messiah will be a mortal being who will pass on his dynasty to his descendents. What will be after that time is something that cannot be answered. Jewish Tradition states that a potential Messiah is born in every generation. It is the behaviour of each generation that dictates whether he will live out his life incognito or not. The Messiah will have parents and will be born in a natural fashion. Knowing who that person is will have no bearing on whether he will be “allowed” to fulfill his destiny. The only thing that it would do is place the most unbearable pressure on him.

    Since I don’t know you and your specific needs I suggest you speak about what might be best for YOU with your local rabbi, or contact Gateways Organization to speak with one the rabbis in the NY area. May Hashem grant you wisdom to continue growing in Torah observance and knowledge.

    Best wishes from the Team