Meaning of the Word Torah



Good morning Sir, here in the Philippines my name is Mr.Andrian Clintton P. Garcia, but you can call me by my nickname A.C for ANDRIAN CLINTTON, as you can judge, I’m a FILIPINO by RACE and my only tongues are FILIPINO and ENGLISH, I understand HEBREW, ARAMAIC, and GREEK by TRANSLATION APP using P.C or SMARTPHONE.

My question is: Is it accurate or correct to translate and to call the TORAH as LAW, but the name itself can be translated as TEACHING or INSTRUCTION? The term LAW also is used for the other calling of the WRITTEN TORAH, it is called also WRITTEN LAW and also in the ORAL TORAH, it is also called ORAL LAW for other callings.

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  1. The word Torah comes from the word Hora’ah which means instruction. The Torah is far more than “just” the Bible or the laws, as it encompasses our entire lives.

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