Meaning of the Word “Anah”


I would like to know how to define the root word ענה, what actual meanings are given to this root and what is the common denomitor?

[I’ve found this root in different verses, so I don’t want to focus on just one verse. But to name some I came across this root in Bereshit 18:27, Shemot 10:3, Shemot 22:22, Vayikra 23:27, Yeshayahu 58:3, I even came across a phrase outside of the Tenach in which it could mean ‘apologize’ (נעניתי לך מחול לי)]

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  1. Anah is an interesting word as it seems to have several meanings depending on the context of the verse. It can mean variously: answering; proclaiming; expressing an opinion; testifying; humbling; afflicting. There are some other meanings as well.

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  2. So what’s the common denomitor between these different, and multiple, words derived from this one root?

    I’m trying to understand it’s core meaning and the relation between these, as they can have total different meanings in the end when used in different contexts.