Matzah with Meaning


What’s the idea of eating Matzah on Passover?

11 months


  1. On the simplest level the only difference between a loaf of bread and matzah is that bread is inflated and matzah is flat. Matzah is the food of a humble slave — someone who doesn’t have the time to let the bread rise and therefire eats food that leaves him feeling full for hours afterwards. For this reason matzah is also called “the bread of affliction.” Matzah commemorates the bread of slavery that the Jewish People ate in Egypt. It was prepared in haste without the luxury of time to let it rise.

    On a deeper level the fact that the Jewish People also ate matzah — slave food — at the moment of their exodus from slavery indicates that they were powerless to save themselves. They were slaves up until the very last moment — and they became free only through Divine intervention.

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