Marriage to a Jew Practicing Another Religion


Is it permitted for a Jewish man to marry woman who is Jewish according to halacha, but actively practicing another religion and planning to remain as such?



  1. I assume that there is a practical dimension to you question and, if so, I would suggest that someone speak with Rabbi Dovid Cohen, the Rabbi of Gvul Ya’avetz in Brooklyn and one of the foremost Poskim in America today. Rabbi Cohen can be contacted every day at: 718 376 7423 between 3pm-4pm (except Tuesdays) and 10pm-11pm.

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  2. I am actually not asking for myself (I am happily married), but I am curious because I met a secular Jewish man last week who is in that exact position. He fell in love with a missionary who aggressively tried to convert him to her faith. He soon learned that the missionary’s mother was a Jew who went off the derech and converted to Christianity, thereby making her Jewish. He is going forward with the marriage without consulting an orthodox rabbi. They are having a mixed faith wedding with a reconstructionist rabbi and a pastor jointly officiating.

  3. The wedding has no Halachic validity as it is not being performed according to Jewish Law. Is it permissible to marry such a person? I am extremely doubtful.

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