Manna & Quail Questions


1. The Israelites ate manna during ALL 40 years that they wandered in the desert. Is that correct?

2. Did they also eat quail during ALL 40 years?

3. I found conflicting passages about quail.

Exodus 16:1 On the fifteenth day of the second month after their departure from the land of Egypt, the Israelites started complaining. So G-d provided manna.
Manna fell for them on the sixteenth of Iyar.

Exodus 16:13 is the first time that quail is mentioned. Quail were provided at night.
Was this provision of quail a one-time occurrence or every night?

Numbers 11:18–20 seems to indicate that G-d provided quail for 30 days only until the Israelites were sick of eating it.
At what point during the 40 years did this occur?


1 year


  1. 1. Yes, the manna was given to the Jewish People throughout their journey to the Land of Israel.

    2. No. The quail was given to them twice in the desert. The first time was at the beginning of their journey and the quail only appeared once with enough appearing for everyone to eat. The second time that the quail fell was approximately a year later when enough quail appeared to feed everyone for thirty days.

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