Hello, I’m currently studying Judaism and am trying to attain a deeper understanding of the faith by asking individuals who live it out, rather than going by the textbooks. My Questions are:

What impact has Moses Maimonides had on your Jeiwsh life? (if any)?

How important do you believe it is to be environmentally ethical as a Jewish individual? (if at all)?

I would really appreciate your view on these questions,

, 3 years


  1. 1. It is almost to measure the impact of Maimonides on the Jewish World and on each believing and practicing Jew! Maimonides magnum opus – the Mishna Torah – is considered to be a one of the most important works on Jewish Law and his books will be found in every religious home.
    2. The environment is completely fundamental to our existence and, as such, we have an obligation to look after the world that we live in. What does that mean practically? That we should not hunt animals and fish to extinction; that we should be concerned about pollution and denuding rain-forests as we have no idea what that will do to the ecosystem. God created a world that has a very delicate balance and by misusing it we are capable of wreaking the terrible havoc with the infrastructure which has the capabilities to damage the future generations.

    Best wishes from the Team