Looking for Husband


I am a 32 female from Israel leaving in the US. I am looking for a jewish partner to share my life with and build a family. Please if you have any contacts you can provide me with or refer me to other people that are interested in the same thing, i will highly appreciate it. Please take this request seriously as i have no other ways to meet other jewish people. thank you very much for any reply, ori haviv

16 years


  1. I have a few suggestions. At Gateways we have singles programs at all our seminars. The Jewish singles are of all types – secular, religious, left, right etc. You will have a great time, meet other singles and learn about Judaism. The next seminar is Rosh Hashanah where we will have a singles program too. The one after that is end of November. You can call our office for details at 845 352 0393 or check our website at www.gatewaysonline.com
    . In addition there are other groups that have Jewish singles events here in New York City, they are:
    Jewish Enrichment Center – www.jeconline.com
    Jewish International Connection – www.jicny.com
    Israelite – www.isralight.com
    Aish Hatorah – www.aish.edu
    Wishing you Shanah tova umetuakah and lots of hatzlacha,

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team