Lefty Kohen


We are a Kohen family and my toddler seems to be a lefty. I’ve heard that a lefty Kohen cannot do the service when the Temple is rebuilt. Should we encourage him to write with his right hand for this reason? But every time we’ve tried to get him to use his right hand instead of his left, he says its not comfortable and won’t color or write.

, 2 years


  1. Firstly, may God bless you with much happiness from your family, and that your family merit serving in the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash very soon!

    Yes, I think that trying to “encourage” him would be a nice thing to do. However, I would not overdo it and try to force him to use his right hand and become a righty. Over the years, I have met too many disgruntled people who were forced to use their right hands although they were really left-handed, and they suffered afterwards throughout their lives. I know of one Kohanic family who tied up the left hand of three of their children in the crib so that they would become righty. They thought it was in the child’s best interest. But, not only did it never work, but they also deeply regretted their actions later on, and told other families that the child will be the way he is meant to be – and please don’t do such a thing to the child.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team