Learning Torah or Working?


I know a lot of people do it. But is it actually wrong or sinful to intentionally refuse to work for a parnassa and instead spend much of one’s time learning Torah if doing so puts a strain on one’s family or community?

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  1. No, it is absolutely not wrong nor sinful. The Sages teach that those who truly dedicate themselves to learning Torah full-time are the supporters of the entire world because if there was even a moment that Torah was not being learnt the world would cease to exist. The majority of those learning are actually sacrificing a more comfortable life in order to continue their studies and it is the ones who are completely dedicated to full-time learning who the become experts in Jewish Law and who are able to formulate and rule and all aspects of Halacha. Without such scholars the Jewish People would not be able to continue to exist. What is true is that anyone who is being supported by the community has a tremendous responsibility and obligation not to waste his time because to do so could be construed as taking from the community without giving back to the community.

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