Ladies Looking at Ladies


Dear rabbi are ladys allowed to look on other ladys when they are naked? As they don’t have a problem with distroy spirm



  1. Yes, there is absolutely a problem. We are commanded to be a “Goy Kadosh” – a Holy Nation. As well as that, we are commanded to guard our eyes and not look at things that are indecent. We are also commanded not be a Nevul b’Reshus haTorah – to behave in a despicable way even when the Torah may allow a certain act. We are commanded to keep ourselves pure from immoral and illicit thoughts – how much more so from immoral and illicit sights. Each one of those by themselves would be enough to forbid a woman looking at naked women for pleasure. When all of these prohibitions are put together, there is no doubt whatsoever that it is forbidden.

    Best wishes from the Team