Kabbalah Center


Dear Rabbi, My daughter has begun to study at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. I’m concerned as to what the rabbi is teaching there. My daughter has little knowledge of Torah. but according to the teachings at the center you don’t have to know anything about Torah to learn. It’s not at all about Judiasm. It seems a little like a cult. I always thought that you had to be very learned in Torah to be able to study Kabbalah. What is your opinion? Thanks, Doni Heyman

16 years


  1. I am not personally familiar with the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles so I cannot really comment on what your daughter is being taught. In general Learning the Kabbalah before one has mastery over the entire spectrum of the Torah is a little like trying to run before you can walk. The origin of the word Kabbalah is “to receive” and one cannot receive the wisdom of the Kabbalah without expert guidance as the Kabbalah offers one the ability to enter in to the final level of understanding the Torah. It is esoteric and cannot be understood in it’s pure form.

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