My brother and I are both dentists and pay for membership in a Jewish fraternity. We are able to purchase supplies at a discounted price. Would it be wrong if just my brother paid for his membership and I withdrew mine, then ordered my supplies through my brother’s account and paid him directly?

2 years


  1. Shalom.

    A good question that has both a legal/halachic and an ethical dimension.

    To know if is legally permitted, the only sure way to know would be to ask the person or board in charge of the rules of the fraternity. I couldn’t tell you the answer to that.

    But even if it is allowed by the letter of the letter, I would suggest that it further be considered by you and your brother if doing so might be a “Chillul Hashem” in some way, and cause a person or more to think that Hashem condones something akin to what is fraud in their eyes. A better route might to not share the membership and hopefully be seen as causing a “Kiddush Hashem” – a sanctification and glorifying of the Name of Hashem. You are more in the know of the details of the situation and, anyway, it would be your call.

    I hope this is of some help and I wish you and your brother much happiness and success.

    Best wishes from the Team