Jews Opposing State of Israel


Who do certain Haredi Jews (Neturei Karta and the Satmar Hasidim) oppose the modern State of Israel? I would imagine religious Jews should be happy to be able to return to and pray in Israel, Jerusalem, and the Western Wall.



  1. The Neturei Karta are a small group of approximately one thousand families. They believe that the Jewish People do not have permission to rule over themselves until the Messianic Era. Subsequently they are opposed to the State of Israel. They do not take any government subsidies and do not pay any government taxes.
    However, having said that any group that is actively involved in trying to get the State of Israel to implode is beyond the pale and they do not deserve our love. Most Orthodox groups regard the Neturei Karta as being a fringe element and their views are not accepted by the vast majority of Orthodoxy. It is interesting to note that even though their very radical views are mostly based on the writings of the Rav Yoel Teitelbaum, zt”l, the Satmar Rebbe, who originally supported Neturei Karta‘s activities in the 1940s and 50s, as led by the late Rabbi Amram Blau, this alliance seems to have long since been annulled. While some members of Neturei Karta may also claim to be Satmar Chasidim (or profess loyalty to Satmar and its ideals), Satmar is not affiliated with Neturei Karta, and, unlike the latter, does not support the PLO. When the Satmar Rebbe was asked in the early 1970s if he would meet with PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat he said, “I do not meet with murderers.” Satmar joined many other Chasidic courts in strongly condemning Neturei Karta in April 2002, and again in November 2004, following a large prayer vigil held by the group for Yasser Arafat.
    I suggest a book called “Dimensions of Orthodoxy” by Reuven Bulka, which is an excellent analysis of all the different sections of Orthodox Jews.


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