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Where does our Jewish Star come from? My Christian friends wear a cross and it is obvious where that symbol comes from but I never understood the significance of the 6 pointed star that we use. Thank you for your answer.

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  1. The six-pointed star has long been associated with the Jewish people. In Southern Italy, a tombstone dating back to 300 C.E. was found with a six-pointed star on it. In the year 1354, King Carl IV insisted that the Jews of Prague make a flag for themselves that would feature the six-pointed star as well as the five-pointed star of King Solomon.

    The words “Magen David” literally mean “Shield of [King] David.” Some say that the soldiers of King David’s army wielded shields in the shape of a six-pointed star. King David’s personal seal was not a star, but rather a shepherd’s staff and bag. His son, King Solomon, used a five-pointed star for his personal seal.

    In Kabbalistic teachings, one finds that the number six represents the Heavens and the Earth and the four directions (North, South, East, West). There are those who suggest that the Magen David with its six points correspond to this Kabbalistic idea, which in turn can represent G-d’s Omnipresence. Interestingly, the words “Magen David,” in Hebrew, are made up of six letters.

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