Jewish Religious Stereotypes


What do you think is one thing that non-Jews believe about Jews that is often misinformed or flat out incorrect? I’m asking in strictly a religious sense rather than relating to Israel or the Palestinian conflict.

3 years


  1. That the Jews killed Jesus (which was not true at all even according to Christian history). My Rebbi once mentioned that if you stop your average non-Jew in the street and ask them if they believe that Jesus lived they would answer no. Then ask them who killed Jesus and they will answer the Jews! That is a standard response and has been the cause of oceans of Jewish blood being spilled. The Christians have a “theological need” to have the Jews responsible for Jesus’ death so that they can preach their own version of their religion. That is why Christianity has spread nonsensical ideas throughout the ages about the Jews such as the blood libel – using the blood of a Christian child to bake Matzos for Passover – or that Jews have horns which is why they wear Kippot.

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