Many of the Samaritan people have in ignorance, keep belittling Jerusalem as the location of Moriah, and God’s choice for his temple. Could you please help me to explain to my children, how this is unreasonable. Samaritans only used the books Genesis-Deuteronomy. All what I could think of was it was too far for Abraham to travel Shechem from Beer-Sheba in three days, but Jerusalem would have okay. Any suggest, using reasoning only from Genesis-Deuteronomy, so they will not convert to Samaritianism or something ot lose their faith. Please help me.

11 years


  1. There is absolutely no way that the the Written Torah can be understood without the Oral Torah and the simplest thing to do is to show your children the numerous references in the Oral Torah that Moriah and Jerusalem are the same place. There is no validity to the Samaritan view and they, themselves, use an Oral Tradition in order to live their lives according to their laws.

    Best wishes from the Team