Invitations for Forbidden Weddings


This is a topic that has gone to the US Supreme Court, and now I am faced with it myself. I have a startup business that I run out of my home making invitations for weddings and other events. I’ve been running it singlehandedly for less than a year. I’ve done it for Jewish and non-Jewish weddings alike and even some intermarriages all without thinking of that as an issue. Now for the first time ever, I got a request for invitations from two Jewish gay men who are planning to marry each other. And this issue has suddenly struck me. Is it permitted for me to take them on as a client?



  1. Due to the acute sensitivity and complexity of the question I would recommend that you discuss it with Rav Dovid Cohen the Rabbi of Gvul Ya’avetz in Brooklyn. Rav Cohen is one of the foremost Poskim in America today and he will be able to grasp the many issues surrounding your question. Rav Cohen can be contacted every day at 718 376 7423 between 3pm- 4pm (except Tuesdays) and 10pm-11pm.

    Best wishes from the Team