Intimate Question


Last week we just read about sexual malpractices, as a newly religious person, even though I have not given full phallic penetration I have penetrated using my fingers, does this count as ‘laying with them’ in terms of that they are now my wife (even though they were not jewish)?

16 years


  1. Dear Jason,
    According to Jewish law the defnition of the sexual act which consummates a marriage is (generally speaking ) full penal penetration. Other intimate contact does not constitute a sexual act regarding becoming married. (Maimonides, Laws of Marriage 3:5) However, any type of sexual contact is forbidden with a woman that one is not married to, or a woman that one is forbidden to marrry. (Maimonides, Laws of Forbidden Relationships, Ch. 21), and regarding the punishment for incest, adultery or forbidden sexual relations, even partial penetration is punishable according to Jewish law (Ibid. 1:10)
    Be well, focus on your future, not so much on your past.

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