Shalom Rav
My boss’s son is getting married to an Asian girl this Shabbos.
I have celebrated the High Holidays in Shul with her and her parents who were Conservative when Conservative was much closer to Orthodax than Reform as it is now. Her father even blew the Shofar each year,
Anyway, when she comes back to work I would not look to mention the wedding, but if she does, how should I respond? “Congratulations” or, “That’s nice” seems out of the question. What do you suggest? Todah rabah



  1. Yours is truly a very sensitive and delicate question. It is a little hard to know how to answer you, not knowing your boss’s personality, but I feel that perhaps the approach is not to acknowledge the “marriage” directly even if she brings it up. I would suggest that you have one or two subjects ready to speak with her about in an attempt to divert the conversation away from the wedding.

    Best wishes from the Team