In God We Trust


Hi Rabbi, is there a Biblical source and context for the motto: “In God we trust”? Thanks!



  1. Yes. “Fortunate is the man who places his trust in God and does not turn to the proud liars.” (Psalms 40:5)

    Our Sages in the Midrash apply this passage to Yosef, as a criticism of his seeking the help of an Egyptian in gaining his freedom from prison. They point out that because of this misplaced trust, Heaven punished him with an extra two years of confinement.

    This lesson at the conclusion of this week’s Torah portion serves as a reminder to us in our own times that we cannot reply on the good will of the nations. Just as that Chamberlain of the Cup-bearers failed to repay Yosef for his lifesaving interpretation of his prophetic dream, so too, historically have our people sooner or later been betrayed by all the lands they enriched with their presence.

    Certain word-wide effort to delegitimize the State of Israel is yet another reminder that only by placing our trust in God will we secure Israel forever.

    Best wishes from the Team