Ignorance is Bliss?


Most of the gentiles in the world have never heard about 7 noahide laws. There are some jews who have never learned Torah. How about mitzvah and sin by ones who do not know Torah and Judaism? Are sins and mitzvahs by whom don’t even know Torah punished and rewarded?

5 months


  1. Yours is a very apt question that is also very difficult to answer definitively. At the end of the day, only God can calculate exactly what each person is responsible for within their life. In effect, that means that we have no way of knowing what the extent of each person’s individual responsibility is, as there are so many factors that have to be taken into account.

    Just one example: What opportunities arose during a person’s life to investigate God’s existence? If there were only a very few limited times, that is one level of responsibility, but, if a person ignored signs and thoughts on multiple occasions, that would be a totally different level of accountability.

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