Having a “Word Fight”


A hope this is the forum for this type of question. It’s not about Judaism, per se, but I’d like to know the Jewish view on fighting back with words. Let’s says bad things about me (untrue) – is it okay for me to “fight back” and say bad things about him in return? Thank you rabbi.



  1. Please allow me to disagree with you! You write that your question “is not about Judaism, per se” but it absolutely is. Rabbi Eliezer Papo in his seminal work “Pele Yoetz” writes that very moment that a person refrains from answering back to personal insults merits spiritual light that not even the angels are privy to! What is an acceptable reaction under such circumstances? To state the truth clearly that what was said about you is not true. But you should try to avoid at all costs having it turn into an ugly confrontation with insults being traded.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team