Handling Non-Kosher Food


Hello Rabbi, If a jew handles a non kosher / forbidden food is there any barakha or action that needs to be taken. I recently won a dinner cart from cold storage and on the way discovered that there was pork (ham) inside. Though I gave it away to my non jewish friend, i still dont feel good that i handled it. Is there anything i can do to feel clean again. As an extended question, I would also request your advice as what should one do in a gathering or canteen where people join in on the same table with non kosher food / ham etc. Please Please advice….regards….Reuben Moses

16 years


  1. There is really no problem with handling non-Kosher food especially if you do not handle it directly. Even if you do touch it all you need to do is to wash your hands with soap and water and then you will be able to touch Kosher food afterwards.

    In a canteen situation you should be careful not to allow the Kosher food to mix together with the non-Kosher food. If the person who sits at your table is someone you are friendly with you should really make some kind of a visual seperation, such as placing a bread basket between you. If the person who shares your table is not someone you know very well it is permissible to sit together with nothing between you.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team