God’s “Ego”


Why does God have an ego? For example: I am the Lord… you shall put no other before me.


2 years


  1. We believe that God is the Creator of the world and that He sustains the world to ensure that every single moment it exists. If the world would accept that fact then God’s “ego” would be a moot point.

    Why do we question the validity of God’s “ego”? Because our own egos distort our understanding of who we are and why we are here. Human beings are the only creation that have the ability to imagine that they have Divine abilities and that they do not need God or, worse, that there is no God. And that is the crux of the issue.

    Our inflated egos do not allow us to accept that God is God, and that we are His creations, as that would obligate us. And that is why humans do all that they can to ignore Him.

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