Food Cooked on Shabbos


Shalom aleichem Rabbi Lauffer. Thank you for answering my last question. The Shmiras Shabbos k’Hilchaso writes that if someone planted a seed on Shabbos, even b’shogeig, he is forever prohibited from benefiting from it. This is because penalizing him by benefiting from it just on that Shabbos would accomplish nothing, as in any event the seed would take weeks or months to grow.

Would this rule apply only to something like planting a seed, which takes a long time and has no chance of being benefited from on that day, or does it even apply to something like cooking food, if the person starts cooking the food very close to the end of Shabbos, so that the food is not cooked until after Shabbos is over, even though the food could have been cooked on Shabbos if he had started cooking it earlier on Shabbos?

Thanks a lot.

9 months


  1. Yes, the same is true. A person who cooks on Shabbos is forbidden to eat the food once it is cooked. If it was cooked by mistake others can eat the food once Shabbos ends and after they wait the amount of time that it took for the food to be cooked.

    Best wishes from the Team