Flying the Flag – Idolatrous?


Shalom Rabbi

I have the flag of a nation I am living in and I plan on putting it up outside. The reason being, it is taking up space in my room and it would look nice outside, and might make some people happy.

I am trying to figure out how to avoid anything that may be considered idolatrous in so doing. The custom in the country is to illuminate the flag at night. Otherwise, the flag has “fallen into darkness”.

In my opinion, this custom appears to be somewhat idolatrous, as it could possibly lead to worship or veneration of an inanimate object. Not illuminating the flag, however, can cause some consternation to veterans and others, which might make it a source of ire and not happiness as was intended.

Is there any guidance / halakha on putting up flags of secular nations?

Chag Sameach



  1. Unless there is a definite issue of people worshiping their national flag as an idol where you live, there is no problem with hanging it up outside, and there is also no problem with illuminating it at night. If there is a problem of the flag being worshiped as an idol, it would be forbidden to hang it up at all – both inside and outside. Actually, it would even be forbidden to own it all and to keep it in the house.

    Chag sameach to you as well.

    Best wishes from the Team