Ezekiel 20:25 – “Not Good Statutes”


Ezekiel 20:25 “Wherefore I gave them statues that were not good, and judgments whereby they should not live.”

What are the not so good statues that are mentioned in this verse?



  1. Please allow me to make a small but extremely significant correction. The word is statutes not statues.

    The Abarbanel, one of the classic commentaries on the Bible, cites the verse in Hoshea 14:10: “For the Ways of Hashem are straight; the righteous walk in them and the sinners will stumble over them.” The Abarbanel explains that all the Ways of Hashem are good, but only for the righteous. For the sinners, Hashem’s decrees and His Torah are a “stumbling block” and are regarded by the sinners as “not good.”

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