Exodus 26:32-33 – The Veil


Ex. 26:32-33 How was the veil is hung.

I cannot seem to get a visual of how the veil was hung on 4 pillars. Have searched images and no 2 are alike, and so far none really answers my question. Was there a cross bar of some sort? Text says hang it ‘on’ or ‘upon’ the 4 pillars with hooks and loops. Was the veil all one curtain…. and if so, why were there 4 pillars?

Perhaps a strange question, but I am writing story about the man who wove the veil, and he is asking Moses exactly what the LORD told him before he sketches out his design. Where on the veil do the hooks attach?

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  1. There were four supporting wooden beams that overlaid with gold that were placed at the entrance to the Holy of Holies. A There was another beam that was placed on top of the four supporting beams and the veil was hung from that beam. The four supporting beams were not equidistant from each other. Rather, two were placed on the left side of the opening and two on the right which left a wider part in the middle.

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