Every Jew Has a Place in the World to Come (and Gehazi)


I learned that every Jew has a portion in Olam Haba, because a Jewish soul is a piece of HaShem Himself. But I also learned that Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, has no portion in Olam Haba. Is it possible that a Jew, like Gehazi, doesn’t have a portion in Olam Haba?



  1. There is an extremely famous Mishna in Perek Chelek in Tractate Sanhedrin that states that every Jew has a place in the World to Come. What is less well known is the continuation of the Mishna, which goes on to say that there are people who do not have a place in the World to Come! The Rabbis explain that sometimes a person’s actions are so heinous that they lose any right to be a part of the World to Come. Geichazi is one of the people listed there as not having a place in World to Come.

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