Dream with Golem



I had a very strong dream, more than a dream, like a Trans status..with very Live sensations, emotion.

Here is the dream :

I am daytime, in a very humid forest, with poor light. High trees, water & Mud .

I am surrounded by a a small group (5/6) very Tall, higher than me human like Humanoids without clothes like Monkeys without Face details (fine noise or eyes),no real expression, made of Mud & Water, like raw Humanoids, arms & Legs but like Gorilla & Bears…they are friendly with me ..like they protect me.

The atmosphere is good & Positive. I could be a friend of them, in a family.


When I woke up, I was in a kind of mental shock , described the dream to my wife . Usually a dream leave your memory but in this case I was awake, having my breakfast but mind in the forest with the creatures.

Suddenly, a word came to my ears ; “Golem”…which was not really in my vocabulary. I checked on Internet and learned that Golem has a huge importance in the Jewish spirituality.

But what does it mean for me to have such a strong Dream ?


CM/San Francisco

PS : I am french, I moved to California 12 years ago, not very religious (Protestant family history) but I have Shamanic Powers..huge connection&Sensitivity with Moon Cycles, Ocean ( I swim in the Bay Area every day) , volcanic/Earth connections.

I am not Jewish but Jewish Friendly, always attracted by the Jewish Spirit & History & Values. My Jewish friends recommend I ask a Rabbi knowledgeable in Jewish Chamanic History…specifically on Golem (Central Europe roots) signification.





  1. I am sorry but I really do not know what your dream might be referring to. Personally, I feel that you need to try to be in contact with someone who is an expert in the more esoteric dimensions of the Torah (which I am not). I would suggest that you try contacting a local Rabbi to ask his help in finding you someone who might be able to assist you in interpreting the hidden dimensions behind your dream.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team