Dove as Peace Symbol


Why is the dove with an olive branch a symbol of peace?

9 months


  1. There’s no reference in the Talmud identifying the dove or olive branch as symbols of peace.

    However, Noah’s flood is compared to a “war” between God and Mankind. This idea is seen in the symbol of the rainbow. After the flood, God showed Noah a rainbow as a sign that there would never again be a world-wide flood. The rainbow looks like an archer’s bow pointing up towards heaven. The Ramban explains that the “upside-down bow” symbolizes that God will no longer “shoot arrows” at the earth in the form of a flood, just as a warrior turns his bow towards himself as a gesture of peace.

    In this sense, the dove returning to the ark could be seen as peace symbols, indicating that the “war” between God and Man had ended.

    By the way, the “olive branch” is a misconception. The dove returned to Noah with an olive leaf in its mouth, not a branch.

    Best wishes from the Team