Does “Lisgod” Mean To Worship?


Rabbi, a Christian asked me what is the Hebrew word for “worship” and if we use the word.

I only found, “Lisgod”, לסגוד. I don’t remember using this in any service.

I told her “Baruch.” What do you think?




  1. The word “Lisgod” is actually very rare! It is not found in Tanach at all and it is found only once in the Midrashic texts. The standard words used for “worship” in Biblical Hebrew are “La’avod” and “Lesharet”. Depending on the context of the verse La’avod can also mean to work, and Lesharet also means to serve.

    By the way, the “related” word for “prayer” – “Tefillah” – is widely known from Jewish sources and is used today in Modern Hebrew. The word “Baruch” that you mention is more-limited to the topic of saying blessings.

    Best wishes from the Team