Do Miracles Exist?


Do miracles visible to us that clearly and openly defy the laws of science really occur today? You might think I’m crazy. But I think I might have experienced one.

You see, I am not much a follower of religion or one who prays a lot, just one who knows I’m Jewish and attends high holiday services.

A few months ago, I was on a business trip. I driving down a rural road in West Virginia, far from civilization, when I realized I had forgotten about my gas tank. I realized it was nearly empty. I suddenly panicked. And I did something I rarely do. I prayed that I would have enough fuel to make it to the next gas station.

I was barely finished with my brief prayer when, lo and behold, a service station appeared on the side of the road. I quickly pulled in, relieved. The station had no familiar brand name on it. It was mostly a place that fixed cars and had two gas pumps. And a small store in a room where the cashier’s desk was found that sold snacks. I paid in this room with a credit card, filled my tank, and moved on with my journey.

Two days later, I was driving home the same route with plenty of fuel in the tank when I was passing the same familiar spot. I had been hungry for a while and I thought I would stop at the same station for a snack. I pulled in to the lot, and to my dismay, the place was closed. Upon closer examination, it looked like the place had been abandoned. Unlike when I was there before, the building seemed to be in major disrepair with broken windows, rotting wood, and a caved in roof! And the pavement looked like it had been long neglected, unlike it was the day before.

Across the street was a house on which an old man was sitting on the porch. I asked the man about the service station. He said it hadn’t been in business for the past 12 years! I told him I had just been there the other day. He thought maybe I was mistaken. But I know it had to be the same one because of the familiar surroundings, including this old man’s distinctive house and the lack of any service station of any type along the portion of that route I took in both directions.

Even more astonishing, on my credit card statement, there is no record of the transaction I made and I evidently got the gasoline for free!

Could it really be possible that I experienced a miracle that defies all logic?

2 years


  1. Yes, miracles exist – even those that have no rational explanation to them. Why did you merit to have such a thing happen to you? I do not know but it would be a shame to let the experience pass you without it making some kind of a permanent impression on you. Perhaps you could accept upon yourself to pray at least once a day from now on as an acknowledgement of what happened to you.

    Best wishes from the Team