Divine Protection


Does God listen to what is in the mind of our enemies? If so, why are we not always protected by God?



  1. God listens and hears everything. He hears what is in out enemies’ hearts and he hears what is in ours. And that might be the key to understanding how our enemies are able to do us so much harm.

    Being Jewish is not a “one-way street” with God such that we can behave however we want and God will give us everything we want and keep us safe. Being Jewish brings with it great responsibility. In order for the Jewish Nation to be treated with respect and honor by the other nations of the world, we first have to make sure that we treat God with respect and honor. If we do not there are consequences to pay.

    It is true that there is a Divine promise that we, His chosen nation, will always exist, but if we do not live here in a way that reveals God’s Majesty to the world, we will be open to being persecuted and hounded. But we will never be obliterated.

    Best wishes from the AskTheRabbi.org Team