Davening With Outstretched Hands


Shalom aleichem Rabbi Lauffer. Thank you for answering my last question. That which we don’t daven with hands outstretched as paskened by Rabbi Akiva Eiger in O.C. 89:1, does this only apply to the shemoneh esrei? For example, would one be permitted to raise one’s hands during the tehillim that follow hamapil and the first paragraph of Shema that is said before retiring? Thanks a lot.



  1. Aside from Rabbi Akiva Eiger, I could not find anyone else who addresses the issue at all. There is a Shl”a HaKadosh (which is earlier than Rabbi Akiva Eiger), where he writes that one can wave one’s hands around when experiencing a great hisorrerus (a heightened spiritual state).

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