Crown on a Tombstone


I recently discovered the tombstone of a great uncle that I have been looking for for many years. He died in 1896. His brother bought the stone. At the top of the stone is a crown. It is quite large and seems important. Do you have any idea what this crown means?

4 months


  1. I cannot tell you for sure, but there are two main possibilities that I can think of.

    The first is that your great-uncle may have been a Torah scholar. Our Sages describe a person who has gained great proficiency in Torah scholarship as having received “the crown of Torah.” Another possible reason might be if your great-uncle had a family tree that connected him directly to the Tribe of Judah. The Tribe of Judah was the royal Tribe in Israel. King David was a direct descendant of Judah. And the Messiah – may he come very speedily – will also be a direct descendant of Judah.

    Best wishes from the Team