Conversion in Brazil


Dear Babbi i’m not jewish but i want to be. I was living in Israel for 8 years,since april 96 until august2004 when i came to Brazil back. I’m very sad that i have to live without Israel because i want to be jewish and to come back there. My phone number in Brazil is 97832394,celular phone. Please help me i’m living a very sad life here in Brazil because i got use with Israel and there’s no connection betweem Brazil with so many religions what i’m not get use anymore and Israel. Thank you very much. pRAY FOR ME FOR I GO TO STUDY FOR TO BE JEWISH IN THE SINAGOG OF BARRA DA TIJUCA it’s one place here in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil,my name is there,they just need to call me,the name of this sinagog is CJB,i’m asking your help,please

16 years


  1. I think that the first thing you need to do is to investiagte the possibility of conversion. The first step is to make arragements that a qualified Orthodox Rabbi oversees, in a personal way, the entire conversion process from beginning to end.

    I am enclosing a list of Rabbis in Brazil as I do not know who is closest to you geographically.

    Porto Alegre – City Code: (51)
    Beit Chabad
    Rua Sta. Cecilia
    Porto Alegre, 1918
    Phone: 332-4110
    Fax: 335-1264

    Rio de Janeiro – City Code: (21)
    Hazan Jose Cohen

    Templo Union Israel
    Rua Jose Hygino 375
    Rio de Janeiro,
    Phone: 288-1753

    Rabbi Benjamini
    Yeshiva Colegial
    CXP 372, Petropolis
    Rio de Janeiro,
    Phone: (0242) 42-4952

    Rabino R. Blumenfeld
    R. Santa Clara 239-301
    Rio de Janeiro, ZC07
    Phone: 236-0249

    Rav Shtauber
    Pompeu Loreiro 83, Apt. 501
    Rio de Janeiro,

    Sao Paolo – City Code: (11)
    Rabbi Issac Dichi
    Congregacao “Mekor Haim”
    Rua Sao Vicente de Paula
    Sao Paolo,

    Phone: 67-2029

    Rabbi S. Alpern
    Rua Chabad 60
    S. Paolo, 01417-030
    Phone: 282-8711
    Fax: 280-2380

    Rabbi Yaacov Kadoch
    Templo Israelita Brasileiro “Ohel Yaakov”
    Rua Abolicao 457
    Sao Paolo, 01319
    Phone: 34-2280

    Rabbis Laniado and Garcon
    Synagogua Bet Yaacob
    Rua Antonio Carlos 550
    Sao Paolo, 01309
    Phone: 256-3115
    Minas Gerais

    Bello Horizonte – City Code: (31)
    Beit Chabad
    R. Americo Diamantino, 78

    Bello Horizonte, Minas Gerais
    Phone: 221-9966

    Curtiba – City Code: (41)
    Rua Buenos Aires 144
    Curtiba, Parana
    Phone: 232-2523

    Rabbi D. Benhayon
    Synagogue Francisco
    Rua Cruz Muchado 126
    Curtiba, Parana

    Recife – City Code: (81)
    Rabbi Y. Hazan
    Julio Ferreira de Melo 756/401
    Recife, Pernambulco
    Phone: 325-3703

    To take refuge under the wings of the Almighty is a process which has far reaching significance to one’s spiritual soul both in this world
    and in the hereafter. It has both spiritual advantages, and spiritual obligations which if not fulfilled can end up in a net loss. More
    importantly, if the conversion is not done with the proper preparation on the part of the potential convert, it just doesn’t work.

    Best wishes from the Team