Conversion for Daughter


My name is Aaron and I was born and raised Jewish in the conservative and orthodox movement. I am a 39 year old single father raising my 8 year old daughter by myself. I married and had a baby with someone that is not Jewish. I got divorced in 2019, and have been raising my daughter by myself for 3 years. I have sole custody of my daughter, Azaria, and I have been raising her Jewish. My daughter knows many of the prayers, works on Hebrew everyday, and has read from the torah. I want my daughter to be able to possibly make aliyah with me in the future, or marry someone orthodox. She goes to a private Jewish school. I want to have my daughter converted to Judaism. Would I be able to have her converted in an orthodox conversion? If so, what would be required of us to have her converted in an orthodox conversion? Or would I have to have her converted in a conservative conversion? I am also worried that because we are not walking distance to a synagogue we won’t be able to get an orthodox conversion. We live a few blocks from her school, but many miles to a synagogue.



  1. In theory, it is perfectly possible for your daughter to convert through an Orthodox Bet Din. One of the requirements that any reputable Bet Din will have is that your daughter be brought up in a mitzvah-observant home. It is a requirement that makes perfect sense as conversion is a serious step that needs to be accompanied with an equally serious approach to serving God.

    If you are interested in making inquiries into what exactly would be required, please let Just Ask! know where you live and we will try to find someone sensitive and wise to assist you.

    Best wishes from the Team