Confidentiality Policy of


I have a question for the rabbi, but i was first wondering if these questions are confidential, and personal. i can’t ask my question, if my email address, name, or question will not be strictly confidential.

16 years


  1. Yes, your question and any personal information you provide will be treated confidentially. The only ones who will see the question are me, the Rabbinical supervisor for the Ask the Rabbi service we provide, and the one Rabbi to whom I assign your question (unless I reply to it myself, in which case there would be one person.) However, I can assure you that the Rabbi I would assign the question to would treat it in complete confidence.

    Also, we do not share your information with anyone. (If you live in the NY area, your email address may possibly be added in the future to a Gateways Organization email list for purposes of sending out annoucements of seminars, classes, retreats, etc. – but no information about your question will be provided.)

    So feel free to submit a question – and use a false name and location if you feel more comfortable, but please provide your email address so you can receive a reply!

    Best wishes from the Team