Coffee Machine for Yom Tov



Is one permitted to use a timer to set up a grind and brew coffee machine to have coffee ready for Yom Tov morning?

Thank you

1 year


  1. On Yom Tov it is permissible to use a coffee machine even if it grinds the beans and boils the water.

    However, in order to avoid possible issues of Maris Ayin (doing something that is permitted but looks forbidden on Shabbat and Yom Tov) using the timer to grind the beans must be something that you do on a regular basis because otherwise the noise that the grinding makes could cause a person to think that you turned on the electric grinder on Yom Tov. (See Rema Orach Chayim 252 5 and Tzitz Eliezer IV 31.)

    Best wishes from the Team