Chuppah Without a Mother


My mother passed away 1 year ago. The wedding will be incredibly difficult without her and in addition, when it comes to jewish weddings a mother plays an important role. I will get married in an orthodox ceremony (United Synagogue, London) and would like to be escorted just by my dad to the chuppah. I can’t imagine having somebody else by my side. I would like to know if there are any rules or laws that would allow or forbid that? I would be fine walking alone if necessary but not with an aunt or a friend by my site. I appreciate all your help!



  1. Firstly, Mazal Tov. May you and your Chatan merit to build a Bayit Ne’eman b’Yisrael – a beautiful Jewish home – and may Hashem bless you with many, many years of health, contentment and continued growth together.

    I truly empathize with you and I hope and pray that your Chuppah be beautiful. In theory there is no problem with just your father walking you down to the Chuppah. However, just to ensure that no one objects, I would recommend that you tell the officiating Rabbi that this is your preference.

    Best wishes from the Team