Chiyuv Precedence for Davening


As far as I know a person who is in his shloishim after the loss of a parent even if the shloishim was cut back because of a Yom Tov that occured within the 30 days he is still a chiyuv as far as Davening as a Ba”al Tefillah is concerned. What happens if another person in the minyan has Yahrzeit for a parent, who takes precedence and should be Ba”al Tefillah?



  1. The Mateh Ephraim, 1:3, rules that the rights of the Avel to the Amud are not cancelled when the Shloshim were curtailed due to a Yom Tov. In theory, this means that the Avel still within thirty days of losing a parent has precedence to the Amud over all mourners other than an Avel still in the Shivah. However, in many places the accepted custom is to split the davening in the morning so that one of the mourners davens up to the end of Tachanun (or until the Kaddish after Chazaras haShatz if there is not Tachanun that day) and the second mourner davens from Ashrei until the end. This is, perhaps, the best option as it means that each Avel feels like he was able to daven from the Amud.

    In any event, the Rav of the Shul should be asked for his ruling since his say is the one that is decisive in his Shul.

    Best wishes from the Team