Chanukah: Celebrating Education


What does the word “Chanukah” mean?

11 months


  1. The word Chanukah is a composite of “Chanu” and “Ka”. “Chanu” means “they rested” from their war with the ancient Greeks. “Ka” has the numerical value of 25. Together “Chanu-Ka” means that “V-G” Day was on the twenty fourth of the month of Kislev, and they rested and celebrated their victory on the 25th. This day is the first day of Chanukah.

    The word “Chanukah” also stems from the Hebrew root for dedication and education, “Chinuch”. After the war with the Greeks the Jews rededicated the Temple that had been defiled, and began a new era of national Jewish education.

    This renewal of Jewish education has seen a great leap forward in recent years with what I would call a “miraculous” establishment of a myriad of new educational organizations with many opportunities and activities to help learn about our heritage. This growth in education and observance is one of the defining aspects of our era, and as a result every Jew from any background can find a way to learn more according to each person’s lifestyle and desire. This increase in education and observance has been so overwhelming that there is no longer any stigma or concern of being “different” if one pursues one’s heritage. One might say it is even the “in” thing to do!

    More information about the educational opportunities at Gateways Organization – especially those at our renowned “Brownstone” – can be found at or by calling 800-722-3191.

    Happy Chanukah!

    Best wishes from the Team