Chametz on Yom Tov Acharon Shel Pesach


Shalom aleichem Rabbi Lauffer. Thank you for answering my last question. If an American living in America sold his chametz to a non-Jew before Pesach, but then went and bought chametz from the store on the last day of Pesach (Yom Tov Sheni shel Galuyos), would that chametz be forever assur ba’hana’ah, or would it not be because de’oraisa the Pesach was already over in Eretz Yisrael. Thanks a lot.

9 months


  1. The Mishna Berura rules, 448 sk 4, that the chametz is regarded as Chametz She’avar Alav haPesach and it is forbidden to receive any benefit from it.

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