I was once invited by a Chabad rabbi, and visited his home. While I was so impressed by his kindness, there was a problem – dead Rebbe, Schneerson. The picture of the Rebbe was hanging on the wall. I read a magazine, and virtually on every page there was the Rebbe. The attitude of Chabad-affiliated Jews toward the Rebbe seems to me like it might be on the level of idol worship. What do the Orthodox Jews think of Chabad Jews?

9 months


  1. The fact that the Rebbe is such an integral part of the lives of the Chabad Chassidim is perfectly normal.

    Within Chassidut the previous Rebbes are treated with great reverence – especially in Chabad as the Lubavitch Chassidut had a tradition that there will only be seven Rebbes before the Moshiach arrives. The last Rebbe was the seventh which is why they never installed another Rebbe after his passing and that is why his presence is so prominent within Chabad.

    What is true is that within Chabad there is a group who believe that the Rebbe was/is the Moshiach, and some of them actually believe that he is still alive. That approach is problematic.

    Best wishes from the Team